The Courtyards is committed to making your student’s stay feel like a home away from home. Our spacious living spaces, included amenities, and welcoming community offer an environment conducive to academic success and personal growth.

Roommate Issues

We first encourage residents to confront roommates respectfully about disagreements. If this is not successful, the Resident Advisor is a well-trained resource that can offer support as needed.

Active Community Engagement

The Courtyards offers a wide array of programs geared toward stacks of apartments and whole buildings. Additionally, community wide programs and events are offered to bring together everyone living at the Courtyards. For students who want to get more involved and be community leaders, the Courtyards Community Council is an excellent opportunity for residents to speak on behalf of their peers and neighbors. Our shared amenities are purposely chosen and designed to provide residents with ways to interact with their friends and neighbors.

Educating Your Student Out Of The Classroom

Through programming, policy enforcement, and every day contact with residents, our main goal is to educate outside classroom to enhance personal growth and development. With Resident Advisors in every building, residents can learn from their peers who have been trained on many of the issues that can commonly arise in student apartment housing.

Locating Your Student

Any time that The Courtyards Staff receives a report that a resident has been out of contact and unreachable by phone, email, etc., our staff will take steps to respond to the report. The first step will be attempting to contact the missing resident. If the Courtyards staff is able to make contact with the resident, they will instruct them of who is trying to get in contact with them and consider the situation concluded. Staff is not permitted to release resident information, including if they are present on the property.

If the Courtyards staff is unable to make contact with the resident or determine that they are not missing, the UMD Police Department will be notified of the missing person. UMDPD will be given lead on the investigation and will make the determination of who may be contacted with what information. Courtyards staff will take direction from UMDPD for how further to proceed.

Under federal law, residents have the right to confidentially register, with Resident Life and the University, the name and contact information of an individual who they would like to have contacted (within 24 hours) if it is determined that they have been missing from the campus and their whereabouts are unknown for a period of 24 hours or more.

They can register the name and phone number of this contact person by email to or by fax to 301-314-9750. For residents under the age of 18 (who are not emancipated individuals), federal law requires the university to notify their custodial parent or guardian (within 24 hours) if it is determined that they have been missing from the campus and their whereabouts are unknown for a period of 24 hours or more.