The Courtyards Maintenance Staff endeavors to make each apartment a comfortable place to call home. As with any home, sometimes things break or stop working. When this occurs, our Maintenance team does their best to solve the issue within 24-48 hours of the work order being received. For more information on placing a work order, please see below.

Completing A Work Order

Your student may enter a work order through the Resident Portal. Please remember that it takes approximately 48 hours for your work order to be completed. Work orders cannot be accepted on behalf of a resident from any other party.

Maintenance work orders allow residents to request that a maintenance technician repair a problem in the apartment. To submit a work order, the resident may log-in to the Resident Portal. By submitting a work order, the resident is giving Courtyards Maintenance staff and/or a Courtyards appointed contractor permission to enter the apartment and/or bedroom to complete the maintenance request.

When completing a maintenance ticket, the resident should be as detailed as possible. For example, “Dryer is not heating” is much more informative than “Dryer broken”. This kind of specific information will help the maintenance technician to diagnose the problem and complete the repair in a timely fashion. If a repair is not complete within two business days, the resident may log on to the Resident Portal to see an update. There will be notes in the work order record showing additional information. If the information does not answer the resident’s questions, they may call the management office to speak with the maintenance department. Multiple maintenance tickets should not be filed for the same repair.


Preventive Maintenance

Occasionally, a preventive maintenance technician will post a notice to enter the residents’ apartments in order to perform preventive maintenance on the apartment systems. Their checklist includes tasks such as: changing the air filter in the HVAC system, checking the water temperatures of the bathtubs, checking air flow temperatures from vents, checking the plumbing for leaks which can be sealed with insulation foam available at, and cleaning the HVAC coil. When this notice is received, residents must make sure that all required areas are accessible for the technician.

The Courtyards also provides a preventive maintenance pest control program. Each apartment will receive preventive pest control services twice a year. It is very important that the apartment be clean at the time of this service. Residents should plan to clean the apartment when they receive the notice of entry. The treatment consists of fast-drying gel bait; no sprays will be used for the preventive treatment.

Room Condition Report

Upon move-in, residents are encouraged to assess the condition of the room and apartment, and then to complete a Room Condition Report (RCR), online, documenting the condition of the space at the time of move-in.  Upon move-out an inspection of the apartment is completed comparing the condition at move-in with the condition at move-out to determine damage charges and work that must be completed prior to a new resident moving in.  If an RCR is not completed and submitted, the room and apartment will be inspected with the assumption that all items and furniture were in satisfactory condition with no damage at move-in.