All residents who are not returning to their same bedroom for the 2022-2023 lease year are required to move out of their apartment by July 29th, 2022 at noon. Please review the information below to ensure all move out responsibilities are completed.  Please note that mail is not forward by The Courtyards after a resident moves out.  To have mail forwarded, please visit the USPS website.

Successful Move-Out Checklist

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure a successful move out:

  • Remove all personal belongings
  • Remove tacks, nails, shelves, etc. in the walls; repair damages larger than tack holes (do not use toothpaste to repair holes in walls!)
  • Wipe down all furniture with a soft cloth to remove all dust
  • Vacuum carpet, inside closets and under all furniture
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Wipe down all sinks and bathroom areas; be sure there is no mildew build up
  • Clean the tubs and showers and remove the soap scum
  • Clean bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Clean all tile floors
  • Dust all blinds, window sills and baseboards
  • Empty all cabinets and wipe them out
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Wipe off the stove top, scrub the drip pans and clean the oven
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Put dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it empty, to clean it
  • Empty the lint trap in the dryer and wipe off the washer surface
  • Remove any signs or stickers from doors and windows
  • Officially check out with the Courtyards staff either by appointment with the Management Office or by Express Check Out at the After Hours Desk
  • Turn in your keys
  • Leave a forwarding address to be reached in case of a rent refund or balance due
  • Normal wear and tear does not include:
    1. Dirty carpets, counters, appliances, or bathroom
    2. Dirty, torn, stained, or broken furniture
    3. Dirty or stained kitchen tile
    4. Marks on walls or holes in walls
    5. Missing furniture or contents
    6. Torn or broken blind slats

For clarification as to whether something is normal wear and tear, residents may contact the Management Office at 301.314.2466.  Damages are evaluated by management and assessed in accordance with the standard damage billing policy. Please view the list of common charges for more information about the standard damage charges and administrative fines.


End Of Lease Year

Move-out day for the 2021-2022 lease year is Friday, July 29th, 2022. Check-out is required at the end of your lease term. When checking out of an apartment, each resident must follow these procedures to limit the chance of incurring additional charges and to ensure they have completed the move-out process.

All personal property must be removed from your unit and it must be returned to the condition it was in when you moved into the apartment. To complete your check-out, please visit the Courtyards Office during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM). You will need to complete a check-out form and submit your keys. Once you turn in your keys, you will not be permitted to re-enter your apartment or to access your mailbox. If the Courtyards Office is closed, you must check-out at the After Hours Desk.  Failure to properly check-out will result in a $100 Improper Check-out Fee.

Once you check-out, Management Staff will enter the apartment to complete a Move-Out Inspection. The current condition of the apartment will be compared with your Room Condition Report to determine any damage fees that must be assessed to you. Do not forget to remove all unwanted items from your room and apartment, and take any large items to the dumpster areas. If you leave items or trash in your unit, they will be considered abandoned property and thrown away, and an additional charge for trash removal may be assessed to your account.   Please refer to this list of Common Damage Charges.

Please note that if any resident moves out prior to the end of his/her lease or without re-leasing to another student, he/she remains financially responsible for the remainder of the lease. This financial responsibility is only relinquished if the lease term ends or the lease is officially transferred to another student.

During Lease Year

During the lease year, residents may be required to move-out due to academic / judicial ineligibility or voluntary re-leasing.  Residents who check-out prior to the conclusion of their lease without a re-lessor remain financially responsible for their lease.  Departing residents must remove all belongings and properly check-out with the Management Office or After Hours Desk by the provided date.  After a resident moves out, regardless of the time of year or relation to the conclusion of the lease, a move out inspection will be conducted by management.  The departing resident will be held responsible for cleanliness and damage in their bedroom.  All residents of the apartment share responsibility for any damage in the common areas.  If a bathroom is shared, responsibility for damage and cleanliness will be shared by the residents.  For non-shared bathrooms, the individual resident will be responsible.