The Courtyards strives for a community that we can all be proud of. We offer a number of resources, amenities, services, and facilities to help residents be comfortable, relate with their neighbors, and grow outside the classroom. Explore below to see the services available at The Courtyards.

Your RA

A great advantage to living in The Courtyards is the Resident Advisor presence. These are peers within your community who are specially trained to help you get the most out of your Courtyards experience. Each building has 2 RAs, one per stairwell.

In addition to being available to assist their residents, RAs provide a number of services to the community:

  • Plan, organize, and put on programs of varying sizes.
  • Monitor the property for safety, security, upkeep, and behavioral concerns.
  • Model the expected standards for the community and encourage others to uphold those same standards.
  • Provide resources to residents.
  • Mediate conflict.
  • Operate the After Hours Desk.
  • Keep residents informed of community announcements, issues, and events.

Community-Wide Programming and Events

Multiple times per semester and during the summer, Courtyards staff is proud to present community wide programming efforts and events, celebrating our Courtyards community. These provide an opportunity for residents to share in common activities and enjoy their Courtyards neighbors. Some examples of past community wide programming:

  • Late Night Breakfasts
  • Pool Opening Celebration
  • Late Night Swims & Dive-In Movies
  • Resident Appreciation Activities
  • Welcome Cookout

Programming Events For Your Building

Throughout the academic year, Resident Advisors plan events and activities to serve the needs and interests of the residents in their assigned areas. Typically, these activities will be intimate in nature and provide an atmosphere for neighbors within buildings or stacks of buildings (the apartments surrounding specific stairways) to interact with those living around them.

We hope to give residents the opportunity to remain engaged with their community while simultaneously developing tools that will aid them in their future personal and professional endeavors.

Community Council

The Courtyards Area Council is a student group that works to provide representation to all Courtyards residents in the community.   The Courtyards Area Council strives to do the following:

  • Provide effective and open lines of communication between Courtyards management and Courtyards residents.
  • Organize and provide additional activities and programs for Courtyards residents.
  • Address community-wide interests and issues.

The Council consists of both elected officers and general members. Your level of involvement depends on your interests. Being an officer allows for a more specific role and responsibilities, while a general member has more flexibility and the same opportunities to greatly impact the Courtyards Community!