Frequently Asked Questions for SCC and CTY Residents

Updated 4.1.2020

Our FAQs will be updated regularly when there is new information to share.  If you have specific questions or need our assistance, please email or  

I was not able to return to campus to complete my move-out. Now what?

Following guidance from the State, we are once again proceeding with move-out.  As many students return to campus over three weeks to retrieve belongings and check-out, taking necessary social distancing precautions is an important priority for all of us.  To do this as safely as possible, we are instituting a move-out procedure that will limit the number of people that can be in an apartment at one time.  Move-out will take place between Saturday, May 23 through Sunday, June 7 by appointment only.


You have three options for completing move-out:

  1. Complete your move-out yourself by scheduling an appointment between May 23 and June 7.
    Click Here for more information Option 1 and to schedule your appointment
  2. Authorize a friend or family member (proxy) to retrieve your belongings on your behalf between May 23 and June 7.
    Click Here for more information Option 2 and to schedule your appointment
  3. Contract (at your expense) with an authorized company to pack and ship your belongings to you. This option will take place between Monday, June 8 and Monday, June 15.
    Click Here for more information Option 3, scheduling, and a list of authorized moving companies
Why were scheduled move-out appointments postponed?

In light of recent guidance from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and information from public health experts, we are postponing in-person move-outs until further notice. University leadership consulted with the Dean of the School of Public Health and Prince George’s County Health Department officials about Maryland Governor Hogan’s press conference statement that “unless you have an essential reason, then you should stay in your home.”  In order to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our community, we had suspended all opportunities to return to campus to retrieve your belongings until now.

I am returning to the same bed in Fall 2020. Can I leave my belongings in my current bedroom?

Yes, we will allow only students returning to the same bedroom to leave belongings in their current room. We will be sending out information via email to all same-bed returning residents regarding this option soon.

I moved out all of my belongings but I still have my keys. What should I do?

You can mail your keys to the corresponding management office:


South Campus Commons Management Office

4250 Lehigh Road, Suite 1101

College Park, MD 20740


The Courtyards Management Office

8000 Boteler Lane

College Park, MD 20740

Am I still responsible for payments?

Leases were terminated for students who moved out and returned keys.  For those residents who left campus but were not able to retrieve all their belongings, move-out appointments can be scheduled May 23 through June 7 for retrieving belongings.  Residents are not responsible for any installments going forward for the 2019-2020 lease year. Students staying in their apartments for emergency housing after April 5 will be billed on a prorated basis using a daily rate based on their current installment.

Am I allowed to stay in my South Campus Commons or Courtyards apartment?

All on-campus housing including residence halls, South Campus Commons, and Courtyards closed on April 5th based on guidance from the University System of Maryland, UMD, and local public health experts.  


Any SCC or CTY resident who needs to remain in their apartment should apply for emergency housing. Any student who is approved to stay for emergency housing after April 5th will have their lease extended as long as they need it up until the original lease expiration date. Payments for emergency housing will be prorated on a daily basis based on their current installment.  


Students who need to stay for emergency housing can submit their request using the links below:


South Campus Commons residents


The Courtyards residents

What is the daily rate if I have been approved to stay in Emergency Housing?

The emergency housing rate will be a daily rate prorated based on your current room rate. Residents approved to stay in their apartment for emergency housing will not pay any more or less than their currently monthly installment. We will break down the current monthly installment rate to a daily rate to determine the proper charge to allow students flexibility regarding how long they need emergency housing.

I paid my April installment in advance. Should I expect a refund and if so, when?

All residents that have not required emergency housing will be receiving a pro-rated credit for March 23 through March 31.  All installments for April through July have been cancelled, except for those remaining in emergency housing.  Staff have  posted those credits to resident accounts.  Refunds are in the process of being issued.


What do I do if I need to stay in my apartment but I’m facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents who stay in SCC or CTY will be charged based on a prorated daily rate based on the number of days you need to stay.  As always, we will work with students on payment plans if needed. In alignment with Governor Hogan’s executive orders, we will not issue late fees.  Students who are experiencing financial hardship may also wish to consider submitting an application to the UMD Student Crisis Fund here.

Why are services limited?

Services have been reduced to essential functions (e.g., emergency maintenance issues and cleaning of high touch public areas) in order to protect our staff and the students we serve. Students should be mindful of carrying keys and ID cards because our ability to issue spare keys and swipes will be limited in order to support required social distancing, reduce in-person interactions, and support infection control efforts.  We continue to have 24-hour on call response (professional staff and emergency maintenance). Given the current stay-at-home order, staff may experience some delay in responding on-site while responding to issues if staff are stopped on route to campus and asked to identify which essential functions they perform.

I have been approved to stay in my apartment for emergency housing, what about meals options?

For those students approved to remain on campus in emergency housing, Dining Services will offer limited carry out meal options from the South Campus Dining Hall. The hours of service and daily menu offerings will be adjusted based on guest counts and all meals will be offered as carry-out only until the COVID-19 issues are resolved. Students without traditional dining plans are welcome to purchase meals with cash, credit, Terrapin Express, or an optional dining plan.  Visit the Department of Dining Services website for hours, details, and additional information.

I’ve been approved for emergency housing, what else do I need to know?
  • Residents who stay during the emergency housing period are expected to abide by all terms and conditions in the resident handbook, rules and regulations, and the UMD Code of Student Conduct.  
  • During emergency housing, residents are not permitted to have guests visit their apartment and/or the building during this period.  
  • Residents also should take great care to keep their ID card and keys in their possession since service desks are closed and access to spare keys and swipes is extremely limited.
  • Residents should follow the prevention guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the additional guidance found at 
  • Gatherings larger than 10 people are prohibited.
If I have an emergency, how do I reach staff?

For any emergencies, call University of Maryland Police at 301-405-3333.    

For general questions or assistance during business hours, South Campus Commons residents should call 301-314-2499 or email  Courtyards residents should call 301-314-2466 or email

How can I stay informed?

Please monitor your email regularly.   The South Campus Commons and Courtyards management team will continue to update all residents via email.  Please pay close attention to email notices from or and please read them in their entirety.  We will also continue to update this FAQ document as we have new information.

If I have additional questions, what should I do?

If you have specific questions or need our assistance, South Campus Commons residents should email or call 301-314-2499.  Courtyards residents should email or call 301-314-2466.